Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Loving and being loved is a need within all of us that directly or indirectly dictates everything we do.   Real romance is precious.   It is the most intoxicating experience on earth!  Sadly though it is often lost in our lives because most of us need to spend all of our time tending to the many responsibilities that keep our lives going forward. 

Despite being blessed with an abundance of love and romance in my life, I have at times been afflicted by boredom caused by nothing more than overwhelming responsibilities.  At those times, I have always sought relief by watching my favorite romantic movies and reading my favorite romantic novels.  Nothing gives the spirit a quicker boost than losing oneself in love and romance, even if doing so vicariously!

I also love to write about romance, and the struggle to achieve it in particular.  The more difficult the obstacles lovers have to overcome, the more intriguing I find the story to be.
Set aside your responsibilities and frustrations for a short time and take a journey with me in a book, and let your spirit feel refreshed. 

Jeff Joseph           

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  1. This was a great story! I read this book in a 1 day. I got into the story and could not put it down. Good price. 1st time reading a book by this author and I look forward to reading more to come!